UpSkill your team
by looking UpSkills you need


Find the people you need

Search for potential employees based on skills and other requirements to fit your project better

Wherever. Whenever.

Convenient web-based application can be accessed from anywhere.

Find expertise

Allow employees a way to find people who may be able to provide insight on an issue​.


Assisted Profile Generation

Automatically generate data to a new or existing profile from project tracking softwares such as JIRA and Bitbucket

Skill Tracking

Create your own profile with a listing of skills proficiencies and projects for co-workers to view.

Dynamic Search

Quickly search through all profiles for employees with your desired skill proficiencies, projects, and more.





Project proposal, planning and design of the solution.
Researching and discovering potential sources of information.
Gathering technologies required to implement solution.


Perform initialization of database and servers.
Develop data retrievers for GEDS, Jira and Bitbucket.
Create search web app.
Start work on info web app.


Add in LinkedIn parser.
Integrate APIs into info web app.
Begin QA testing to ensure requirements are met.


Preparation for final delivery.
Fix any bugs and issues. Deliver project once complete.

Our Team

Mamadou Bah

Computer Engineering at University of Ottawa

Rizvi Rab

Software Engineering at University of Ottawa

Trevor Bivi

Software Engineering at Carleton University

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